Kokedama Pachira Aquatica

Kokedamas are plants grown on a moss ball, that is, without a test. Of Japanese tradition, it has certain similarities with the Bonais. This technique supports plants at a minimum portion of substrate and is reduced per dive.
The moss Sphagnum ball will absorb the fair and necessary water. It will not be necessary to pay them because of their property.
Pachira aquatica is a Central American tree belonging to the family Bombáceas, with large, bright green leaves that have a growth of no more than 20 cm.
It grows in wetlands, swamps and rivers, producing large, perfumed flowers when living outside.
It adapts very well to inner life under the right conditions of humidity and light. During its growth, the trunk is usually broken, which gives it a unique and elegant appearance.


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Height 30–40 cm.


Keep the outer moss moist. Dip the moss ball when it is light, about 1-2 times a month.


Lighting indirect.


Resisting on pests.