Wax Amaryllis Limited Edition

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Natural amaryllis bulbs covered and protected with wax to keep the moisture inside and allow the bulb to sprout and bloom by itself.
Amaryllis Online UK is the only representative for the British market.
Special varieties, bulb size and post harvest temperature treatments, assure a natural and reliable natural sprouting and blooming.
All the energy and water that the plant needs are stored in the bulb, so there is no need of planting or watering.
It takes between 4 to 6 weeks to reach blooming.

We can replant the bulb once the winter season has passed. We will have to remove the wax (which we can reuse to create a candle) and plant in the ground. Next year we will enjoy bulbs sprouting again.

Other options


22,00 €


Jardines Verticales

No planting or watering needed


Good light without direct sun. With less light it takes longer to bloom.


Leave your Wax Amaryllis at room temperature and enjoy watching it as it grows every day


You can replant the bulb once the season has passed.