Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma

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Rhaphidophora tetrasperma, also commonly referred to as Monstera minima, is another chosen one from our selection of exclusive plants.
The mini monstera is a climber, but we can also use it as a pendant.
Easy to care for, as it will fit perfectly in an interior without direct sunlight.
The plant is delivered fertilized and mycorrhized.
Including the kite pot with white terracotta plate.


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Jardines Verticales

Approximate size 60-70 cm. Animals and children do not usually eat leaves with bad taste, but the monstera minima is toxic and we must be careful.


Like most plants, the irrigation will depend on the humidity of the place. You can let the substrate dry from time to time or water regularly with little amounts of water.


Good indirect light. Avoid sunlight.


It is recommended to regularly place and moisten a tutor so that the plant can root and climb. Fertilize once a month with organic compost and pulverize its leaves. Caution with animals and children, it can be toxic.


Very resistant to pests but be careful with excess water because it can cause harmful fungi.