Monstera Andansonii (Planta Queso Suizo)

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Monstera adansonii is undoubtedly one of the most peculiar plants that we can find in Flora Vertical Shop. Its very regular leaves differentiate it from its older sister, Monstera deliciosa. The holes that fascinate us so much actually help it adapt to tropical storms.
The plant is delivered fertilized and mycorrhized.
Including the plant tutor, pot with white terracotta plate.

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Jardines Verticales

Plant height with pot 60-80 cm Pot Ø 17 cm


He likes the humidity but not the puddles on the ground. Keep the soil slightly moist by giving the plant small amounts of water regularly. Spray the leaves by spraying and wet the tutor whenever possible.


Good indirect light. Avoid sunlight.


Pay once a month with organic compost and pulverize its leaves. Caution with animals and children the mini Monstera can be toxic.


Resistant to pests, but beware of thrips and fungi.