Anthurium Clarinervium

The Anthurium clarinervium matuda can be found in its natural state in southern Mexico. Known as "Velvet Cardboard" for its leather-like texture and as "Hoya de corazón" for its heart shape. The prized A. clarinervium prefers to have a very moist substrate but not wet. In order for it to thrive in perfect condition, we must provide it with a bright but indirect light.
We deliver the micorized and fertilized plant.


48,00 €

Jardines Verticales

Plant height with pot 30-35 cm Pot Ø 17 cm


A. clarinervum prefers to stay damp, but never wet.


Good indirect light. Avoid the sun rays, but in winter, the morning sun will not bother you.


Pay once a month with organic compost.